10-08-2018 13:57:18

Never thought I would, but I'm back to working at a psychiatric facility. Not as a social worker as I used to but as a photographer. 

It always struck me how much misunderstanding there is about the people I worked with or the organizations I worked for. 

I find it very important to break taboos, to talk about all kind of mental illnesses or problems because I've learned a lot of people dealing with that feel lonely. Taboos and misunderstanding have a big role in that.

That's why I wanted to go back, this time as a photographer. I know there are a lot of stories to tell. I know a lot of people want to tell their story. 

One person I met told me she was very happy I was there because I was the first person, besides social workers, who asked about her, who was interested in what she had to tell. It really broke my heart but also made me more determined to do what I'm doing.

So yea, it's good to be back. 

I'm an observer and I can show you what I see.

End of the month I going to sit down with some people to write down their story so you can see this as a little preview.