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Shop! Prints

20-06-2022 11:15:02

Quiet prints, loud prints and all in between. Upgrade your walls!

Culture - Portfolio

01-02-2022 20:07:00

I love the dynamics of the cultural world where people come together to create and build community. It's a great place to observe and get new perspectives.

Here you can see some of the things I shot in this magical world.

Personal Project - Hummelsweide - Aagje

01-09-2021 16:22:00

Before I ever hold a camera I worked in healthcare. Being a social worker was not for me but as a photographer this is one of my favourite fields to work. Telling stories that need to be told. 

Dag allerliefste oma

14-04-2020 15:53:07

'Met de allerliefste oma!'

Dat was standaard hoe telefoongesprekken begonnen als ik haar een kaartje had gestuurd. Ik hoop dat ik die stem en dat enthousiasme altijd in mijn hoofd kan blijven horen.

Want dat was ze. De allerliefste.
Dat was oma.

FlexTukkers (hoi)

16-09-2019 16:02:16

We gaan Twente door om verhalen te maken waar we blij van worden. Met onze eigen zoektocht naar de fijnste werkplekken en de leukste ondernemers in de regio als basis. 

Agnes Swart

28-05-2019 13:27:33

It became a tradition. To meet, talk about creativity, photography, being our own boss ánd make portraits of each other. 

Lisa Dupuy

29-04-2019 18:00:00

This is Lisa Dupuy and she is not only a bad ass woman but also a dedicated journalist and editor. With a background in war studies and international security she’s covering humanitarian issues, war, conflict and wildlife conservation, ‘just people’, and social media verification in crisis situations.