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31-08-2018 14:28:00

We walked till our legs were sore and then we walked some more


10-08-2018 13:57:18

Never thought I would, but I'm back to working at a psychiatric facility. Not as a social worker as I used to but as a photographer. 

Music photography <3

21-06-2018 13:48:17

The moment I picked up a camera I found something powerful. Not only as a tool to tell stories I want you to know about or as a tool to speak out. But more so to feel good and happy myself. The moment I picked up a camera I found my way to express myself. 

Commissioned - Estelle Rillen voor Avanti Almere

18-04-2018 13:12:02

Estelle deed onderzoek naar verborgen jongeren, jongeren die niet meer naar school gaan, geen inkomen hebben en niet zichtbaar zijn voor de hulpverlening. Avanti Almere sprak met haar over haar onderzoek en haar eigen ervaring en ik mocht haar portretteren.


03-04-2018 10:51:08

An ode to the people who provide me with an endless stream of (new) music or music I’ve forgotten about.